Kimberly Kirkwold, BS
Communication Studies Specialist

Communications Studies Specialist

Kimberly Kirkwold, BS

Communication Studies Specialist 9with a emphasis in human resources)

Communications Studies Specialist

Highly organized, resourceful, and innovative communications studies specialist in a variety of sectors. With 30 years of human resource and management experience with a proven career track record of making positive organizational change and improving employee satisfaction, production and retention.

I am looking for a full time position that is M-F (occasional evenings and weekends fine).


Salary/benefits requirements are negotiable above and beyond a minimum salary of $60,000+.

Travel requirements are negotiable.

                 **I am not interested in insurance sales, call center or real estate sales**

What I will bring to your company

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Kimberly Kirkwold, B.S.

Cell: 715-245-3759

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